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Product Analysis

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Product Reviews

Global Technical provide details product analysis from checking if a product is fit for purpose to reviewing the overall experience of using a product. This can include a public review on the website or provide private feedback. All reviews are completed inline with our Product Analysis Integrity Guidelines and will not accept golf ball detectors being sold as explosive detection devices. We provide honest non-biased feedback, we have no affiliation with any business, service provider or retailer and use a transparent technical analysis methodology

Service Checking



Contact Centre

Global Technical can check the integrity of services, this includes completing online transactions, in-store purchases and contact centre engagement. We offer complete customer journey analysis and provide a detailed understanding of the end user experience for products and services, with over ten years web development experience for online analysis to a detailed understanding of contact centre processes. We provide real life human interactions and have a qualitative approach to providing insight into your service users experiences when interacting with your products and services